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Indiana NRCS EQIP Rates for Drainage Water Management

Indiana NRCS EQIP Rates for Drainage Water Management


Conservation Activity Plan (CAP-130)

The objective of a Drainage Water Management Plan (DWMP) is to determine where the control structures and any additional sub-mains need to be located. Guidance on the management of structures is also included.

Drainage Water Management Plan

Financial Assistance (Per Plan)


With Tile Map $2062.65
No Tile Map* $2459.81

* Used if the tile map does not exist and tile must be located or if a new tile system is being planned.


Drainage Water Management (Practice 554)

This is intended to compensate for the time required to manage the control structures. The contract consists of an annual payment given for three years. Typically the landowner is trained on managing the structure during the first year of implementation.

Drainage Water Management (DWM) EQIP (Per Acre)
<=10 acres per Structure with Training $8.79

Structure for Water Control (Practice 587)

This is designed to assist with the cost of purchasing and installing the control structures needed for DWM.

Structure Size/Type EQIP (Per Structure)
Inline Stoplog WCS, Surface Water Control 6-10 in Diameter Pipe $2018.11
Inline Stoplog WCS, Surface Water Control 12-18 in Diameter Pipe $3474.61
Inline WCS, Subsurface Drainage Control, Float Activated Head Pressure Valve $896.75

*This refers to the Water Gate Valve manufactured by Agri-Drain.


Subsurface Drain (Practice 606)

This applies to any additional sub-mains that are required for the adoption of DWM.

Pipe Diameter/Type EQIP (Per Foot)
Corrugated Plastic Pipe<= 5 Inch $1.65
Corrugated Plastic Pipe6 Inch $1.98
Corrugated Plastic Pipe8 Inch $4.40
Corrugated Plastic Pipe10 Inch $5.82
Corrugated Plastic Pipe12 Inch  $6.54
Corrugated Plastic Pipe>= 15 Inch  $8.38


For more information contact your local NRCS office.

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Indiana, FY 2016